Where & How We Work

We work in different locations around the Utah Valley, depending on client need and therapist availability.  We have locations in Logan, Sale Lake City, and Lehi. There are also options to stay nearby in an Air B&B and/or hotel if you do not live in the area. Our goal is to work with you and your needs to create a healing plan that works best for you.


We will do our best to accommodate the dates and times which clients request. Please keep in mind it may take a few weeks to schedule depending on your needs and therapist availability.

We usually work in teams of three therapists per client, and the mix of therapists changes according to your needs, age, and therapist availability.

Intensive sessions, each 2 hours in length, can be arranged for the morning or afternoon, or for full days up to three days.  We typically arrange Intensive work for Fridays, Saturdays, and or Sundays around the therapist’s regular office hours.

We also welcome other therapists to bring their own clients to us for an Intermountain Intensives experience!  We also invite them to work with us as part of the treatment team.

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